Ask James Wilhoit how he first became interested in antiques, and he will go back many years to answer your question. Antiques were a family interest when he was growing up in his native Charlottesville. A little over ten years ago, he decided to give up his national labor law practice to concentrate on his hobby and make it his vocation. He has never regretted that decision for a moment.

That would be the beginning of what is today one of Alexandria’s finest antique shops. James Wilhoit Antiques focuses on 18th and 19th Century formal American furniture and accessories of that period including silver, porcelain, and crystal. Some of his specialties are Federal furniture, Anglo-Irish glass, old Sheffield plate and 18th and 19th Century mirrors. The stock includes desks, chests of drawers, sideboards, dining tables and chairs, tole and papier mache trays on stands, and a broad array of Chinese porcelain lamps. Also, you will always find Chinese export, English and Old Paris porcelain. Among the artists whose works you will find in his gallery are Anthony Thieme, William Pearson, George Morland, George Bickerstaff, Morris S. Bloodgood and marine artists Warren Sheppard and James Webb. This shop also specializes in handcolored 18th Century engravings of birds by George Edwards and Mark Catesby, botanicals by George Brookshaw and J.W. Weinmann, 18th and 19th Century handcolored engravings of monkeys gathered from all over Europe as well as architectural engravings of classical subjects. Be sure to look for the Mckinney & Hall hand colored lithographs of American Indians done in the mid 19th Century.

If you have been to the gallery in the past, James Wilhoit moved to new quarters in July, 2000 and is now located in the Atrium Building next to the Lyceum in Historic Old Town.

See James Wilhoit for the finest antiques and art in Alexandria, including 18th Century formal American furniture, 18th Century English Formal furniture, 18th century silver, 18th century porcelain, 18th century crystal, 18th century mirrors, 18th century botanicals, 19th century formal American furniture, 19 th Century English Formal furniture, 19th century silver, 19th century porcelain, 19th century crystal, 19th century mirrors, 19th century botanicals, Federal furniture, Anglo Irish glass, Sheffield plate, Chinese export porcelain, English export porcelain, Paris porcelain, dining tables, Chinese lamps, English furniture, work tables, candle stands, tea tables, China Trade, card tables, étagère, Georgian silver and American coin silver. James is especially interested in North Shore Federal furniture, including furniture from Boston, Portsmouth and Salem. You will often find Boston furniture in the gallery.

Artists frequently represented in the gallery include Anthony Thieme, William Pearson, Roswell M. Shurtleff, George Morland, A.D. Simone, Warren Sheppard, Grandill Perkins, Emile Gruppe, George Brookshaw, Weinmann, George Edwards, Catesby, James Webb, George Bickerstaff, Morris S. Bloodgood and George Edwards. You may also find Hudson River School, botanical prints and engravings.